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Friday 13:00

Making blacklight art

Join anytime - Bar / hackerspace

Material provided. We'll learn some techniques on how to create blacklight art with neon yarn, neon tape and possibly some neon paint.
Contact if you have questions / are interested.
Showing up anywhere during is possible.

Friday 17:00

Request channel

Silent Disco Green

Your choice of music. Request songs on REQUEST.NEWLINE.GENT

Friday 19:00

Friday 20:00


DJ set - Silent Disco Blue

DJefke plays an eclectic mix of different styles of music. Doesn't matter if it's beats, guitars, old disco, neon 80's, darkers 80's, house, rock, some cheesy stuff, ...

Friday 22:00

DJ Cedric

Known from ByteNight! - Silent Disco Blue

Request channel

Silent Disco Green

Your choice of music. Request songs on REQUEST.NEWLINE.GENT

Friday 00:00

Saturday 13:00

Opening Talk

Main Talks Room

Saturday 13:15

Leaderless communities: intro to The Hackerspace Blueprint

Main Talks Room

A short overview of how leaderless communities with do-ocracy work.

Saturday 14:00 coding magic .js apps

ZIMsalaBim can help kids coding 11 years old kids after Scratch. - Workshop room 1 has levels for coding apps, elearning tools and much more. video Dan Zen an kids video , and use it.
Also miljioen of users watch video https://y...

Try coding javascript with simple power apps !

Introduction to OpenStreetMap

What is it? How can you use it? - Main Talks Room

Are you interested in maps? Are you searching for a FLOSS mapping navigation? Do you need geodata? Do you need a map on your site? Do you want to help creating maps from your local environment or from vulnerable places? Then, you have come to the ...

OpenStreetMap is an open database of geodata and has become the biggest geodataset of the world. It is often called 'the wikipedia of maps' and is getting used in more and more applications - from grassroot movements to big corporations. A tremendous lot is possible, but it can be confusing to get started and to dive into the ecosystem.

In this talk, I'll give a high-level overview of OpenStreetMap and answer the most important questions:

- What is OpenStreetMap (and what is it not?)
- What applications exist?
- What tools exist?
- How can one contribute?
- How can one export data?
- How can one get in touch with the local mapping community?

No previous experience with mapping or GIS needed! This is a talk, so you don't have to bring anything. However, if you need some help with your first OSM-edits, I'll stick around after the talk to get you started. In that case, it might be useful to bring your laptop (or smartphone)

Saturday 15:00

Generate AI animations like a god (introduction)

Workshop room 1

We will look over how to create images using one of the latest breakthrough models Stable Diffusion, in a free Google Colab environment.

TITLE: Generate AI animations like a god (introduction)
DESCRIPTION: You will set your first steps in making cool and trippy animations using artificial intelligence, using Google's endless warehouses filled with overpowered graphics cards. We will look over how to create images using one of the latest breakthrough models Stable Diffusion, in a free Google Colab environment.

You can watch or try to play along on your own laptop. I will provide my own workstation for AI upscaling your animation frames during the event.

nostr: the real twitter killer?

Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays - Main Talks Room

nostr: a simple, open protocol that enables a truly censorship-resistant & global social network.

nostr is a new open source protocol, aiming to solve some of the issues of the existing twitter alternatives. Many things can be built on this protocol, but a twitter-clone is the first obvious thing which is being built.

Workshop: An introduction to bondage.

Workshop room 3

Ok, this workshop is not a common for hacker conferences, however, we see a huge overlap between people understanding the mayers of the OSI model, and those that like to experiment in the bedroom. I blame curiosity.

What will this workshop offer?
Glad you asked!

In this workshop you’ll learn all about rope and rope safety, the basic knots you’ll need and how to do freestyle rope play using a range of styles. You’ll have loads of fun and laughs while learning. We dare you to finish without a big smile on your face!

People are encouraged to join, with or without a partner, you don't need rope.
Please show up in time, latecomers will have to wait another year.

Saturday 16:00

A Gentle Introduction to Nix

Workshop room 1

During this talk, Bryan will touch on the following subjects:
- What Nix (the project) is
- Why this is a good idea
- How to read Nix (the language)
- How to use Nix (the package manager)
- What NixOS (the operating system) is
- Where to ask...

Do you have a colleague or friend that just can't stop talking about Nix? How it's reproducible, the future of software. Why it's so much better than the other tools out there. He just won't stop talking about it. And now, you've given in. You decided to give it a try, but where to start?

If the above is you, this talk is for you! Bryan will give his best attempt at giving a gentle introduction to Nix. After this talk, you hopefully understand Nix's values, and where to find more help if you happen to need it.

So Many Trackers in your Pocket

Android Apps and Privacy - Review and tips to protect your privacy - Main Talks Room

Many Mobile Apps contain trackers, pieces of programs that track your behavior and send it to advertising companies and "data brokers".

In this talk, we will demo NetGuard and Exodus Privacy as two tools to monitor tracking from apps and to pro...

Many Mobile Apps contain trackers, pieces of programs that track your behavior and send it to advertising companies and "data brokers".

In this talk, we will see how NetGuard [1] exposes all these trackers, before you had any chance to give your consent for being tracked (which is required by the RGPD, and therefore illegal). We will look at the diversity of trackers included in many popular Apps, how to evaluate how bad an app is using Exodus Privacy [2] and discuss a few ways to protect your privacy against these unlawful behaviors.


Saturday 17:00

Participatory Nix intro

Free cookies for anyone that helps me improve teaching Nix - Workshop room 1

Come see if Nix is for you.
You'll get a cookie!

Nix is a package manager unlike any other
But can i explain it to you? Lets find out!

Move fast & build things

An intro to Aetherspace, the framework for Expo, Next.js, and Single sources of truth - Main Talks Room

40-min talk exploring Aetherspace and how it can answer what it would take to compete with the likes of Elon Musk.

From how to build for web and mobile from the start, to how single sources of truth and automatic docs generation can help individuals or smaller teams move fast and build things. In this 40 minute talk, we'll explore this thing I created named 'Aetherspace'. It's a sort of "meta-framework" for what I like to call the GREEN stack, namely: GraphQL, React-Native, Expo, Evergreen components, and Next.js

Both the talk, stack, and Aetherspace cover these topics:
- Building for browsers, servers, iOS and Android
- How single sources of truth can help
- How to keep it all write-once with React-Native, Expo, Next.js

If you've had an idea and you're looking to build a web and/or mobile app for it, this will be the talk for you.

Saturday 18:00

Nintendo hacking: current status

A quick overview of the progress after the 2021 talk - Main Talks Room

In 2021, I gave a talk about the Nintendo DSi's hardware and how one of the two boot ROMs had been dumped. Quite a bit of progress has been made since then, though not yet as finalized for a full talk.

Saturday 18:30

A short history of Nintendo consoles' protection mechanisms

Main Talks Room

A quick history of Nintendo's game consoles, the threat model they considered (and how it changed over time), the defenses built into their consoles, and how these consoles were ultimately attacked.

Saturday 19:00


(Same catering as last year) - Bar / hackerspace

Saturday 20:30

Never Mind the Gigwork - here's the Coffeebots

Videorecording of a Sci-Fi Marionette-Theatre-Extravaganza that never happened - Main Talks Room

“Never mind the gig work… here’s the Coffebots!” is a marionette puppet extravaganza full of robots, coffee, and algorithmic capitalism. A punk rock space opera! It is the reconstruction of the filmed version of a puppet play that was never perfor...

Follow our brave little coffeebots and their struggle against the system. Fly with us to the end of the universe to fight the big bad endboss.

Our play will use the language of the Internet: Easy English with heavy accents and lots of technobabble.

Saturday 21:45

Lightning Talks

Main Talks Room

Sunday 11:30

Hacker Brunch

Bar / hackerspace

There will be a sign up form at the bar on Saturday - for more information please email

Sunday 13:00

The internet Board Game

In order to train activists, a board game to explain "the internet" is being developed; this session is a trial run. - Workshop room 1

To train activists on 'how the internet works' and what typical attacks are, I'm trying to scale down 'the internet' into an educational board game.

This way, participants can get a feeling on how such a large-scale packet switching network wor...

Keyboard meetup

Bring your keyboard, and/or see what others brought - Bar / hackerspace

Do you use a keyboard?
Do you think it could be better?
If not, show us that keyboard!

keycaps, mechanical switches, hand wiring or custom PCBs, firmware, dvorak or a novel layout, flat or curved, ortholinear or columnar stagger, milled or 3D printed

see and discuss all of these with other passionate people

Hacking the IKEA Symfonisk Sonos Speaker

Main Talks Room

The IKEA Symfonisk speaker is the cheapest Sonos speaker you can buy. In this talk, I will show how to hack one and use it as an amplifier so you can easily add external speakers to your Sonos setup.

Cyanotype workshop

Workshop room 2

Learn how to make your own cyanotype prints at home!

The cyanotype (or blueprint) process is one of the first practical ways of making a photographic print. In this workshop, you will learn the history of the process, what materials you need, and how you can do it at home.

Participants should come with either a digital photo that they want to print, or an idea of what they want to take a photo of.

Additionally, we ask that participants bring €10 to cover the cost of materials.

The full process takes about an hour and a half, but the middle hour of that is waiting for the film to develop and dry, so it's perfectly OK to leave for a talk in the middle.

Sunday 14:00

Avoid the Kube headache, go Nomad

Kubernetes on the streets, Nomad in the sheets - Main Talks Room

Nomad is a container orchestrator (Ok, it can do more than just containers). It's a much simpler alternative to Kubernetes which also supports non-containerized workloads, like VMs, binaries and more.... and tightly integrates into the HashiCorp e...

Making biospheres

We will make nice little biospheres in mason jars. - Workshop room 3

Nice and easy workshop about making a small water based biosphere. It's basically a closed aquarium that does not need maintenance.


Before we go outside to fill our jars, I'll explain a bit about what (not) to do.

After that we go outside to find some body of natural water (pool/river) to fill our jars. (I'll bring 10x >=1000ml mason jars, but if you want to, bringing your own jar makes it certain you can participate if I run out of jars.)

After filling them up we will walk back and look at what we caught!

Although the workshop is basically free to join, a donation is appreciated as I bought all them jars.

Sunday 14:30

KiCad Intro

From schematic to PCB - Workshop room 1

A guided introduction to making a PCB with KiCad.

We'll start with a provided schematic and pre-installed KiCad
and maybe end up with files to send to a board manufacturer

participants need to bring a laptop running KiCad (v7 preferred), and a mouse is highly recommended

Sunday 15:00

Healthier Social Media

Why conventional social media hurts us and why Activitypub works - Main Talks Room

An introduction on the harmful effects of Ad-Driven social media networks and a practical introduction into healthier social media - in casu Mastodon

In this talk, I'll give an overview of what harmful effects that various conventional social media networks have and why these effects evolved.

It is contrasted with the Activity-Pub network, which is designed to be a healthier and stable alternative. The architecture is explained. This is followed by a lot of practical advice to get started and to find your way around Mastodon.

Sunday 16:00

Stop saying computer science is maths!

it's not true and it hurts us - Main Talks Room

Computers have much less to do with Mathematics than many people think. This myth is so pervasive that it caused one of the most impactful security issues. Solving these security issues slowed down almost everyone's laptops and servers by ~25% in ...

Sunday 17:00

Observational astronomy: How we make the EM spectrum our bitch

Main Talks Room

Have you ever wondered how we know anything about the universe? This talk will provide an introduction to the relevant physics used in modern observational astronomy, what we can discover from looking at the stars with advances in our theorhetical...

Sunday 18:00

Is modern cosmology broken? Eh... kinda

Main Talks Room

In this talk I outline the contents of my dissertation wherein I examine the biggest issue facing modern observational cosmologists: Hubble tension. I explain the background, techniques used, their strengths, flaws and controversy and show how we ...

Sunday 19:00

Outro talk

Main Talks Room