Version 0.1 PRELIMINARY (can be updated)

Lecture: Nintendo hacking: dumping the DSi boot ROMs

Uncovering 13 year old hardware secrets

An in-depth braindump of the ongoing effort to dump the boot ROMs of the Nintendo DSi, that have been a mystery for ages.

The presentation will cover:
* How the boot ROMs of the NDS and 3DS got dumped, for context
* Earlier attempts of dumping the boot ROMs and the general strategy behind these attempts
* How I got into the whole business
* A technique that seems to be giving results (one has been dumped)
* The current attempts at dumping the rest
* New exploits that could be used once the full boot ROMs are known
* Some extras


Day: 2021-09-04
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: Main talk room (0.1)

Language: en


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