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Workshop: An introduction to bondage.

Tying people not parcels.

It's not Cat5 but jute. i mean, you could use cat5, 6, or utp. But let's make it fun and comfortable for all involved parties.

Ok, this workshop is not a common for hacker conferences, however, we see a huge overlap between people understanding the mayers of the OSI model, and those that like to experiment in the bedroom. I blame curiosity.

What will this workshop offer?

Glad you asked!

In this workshop you’ll learn all about rope and rope safety, the basic knots you’ll need and how to do freestyle rope play using a range of styles. You’ll have loads of fun and laughs while learning. We dare you to finish without a big smile on your face!

Space is limited to 14 guests.

People are encouraged to join, with or without a partner, you don't need rope.
Please show up in time, latecomers will have to wait another year.


Day: 2021-09-04
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:45
Room: 42

Language: en


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