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Workshop: Learn to Solder with ArduTouch music synthesizer kit

and make music, sound, and noise!

Learn to solder. Anyone can learn!

It's useful. It's fun!

We will learn by soldering together

      a cool, powerful music synthesizer,

and learn to make music, sound, and noise

      with a computer chip!

For total beginners.

(no materials required -- but kits are available for 30€)

Participants will all learn to solder and make an ArduTouch music synthesizer from a kit. I will also give an overview of how it works. I guarantee this kit will work after you solder it (during the workshop, or later, at home)!

ArduTouch Music Synthesizer soldering Workshop at EMF Camp 2018 style=

The ArduTouch is an open source project. It comes pre-programmed with a really nice music synthesizer (a 4-voice sawtooth waveform generator) -- called "Thick", that makes super phat sounds.

An ArduTouch Arduino library is available for programming in more super nice synthesizers, with lots and lots of features. The library also comes with many way cool example synthesizer sketches that also serve as a tutorial for making your own ArduTouch synthesizers (which are Arduino sketches). In the last part of this workshop I will show you how to re-program the ArduTouch synthesizer.

ArduTouch currently has 10 totally different synthesizers available! Synth sounds include way beautiful to metal to noise to drones, drum/bass machine sequencer, to spacey psychedelic music or harsh musical sounds,

For those who want to learn more, the documentation teaches the basics of Digital Signal Processing for audio generation.

Workshop Itinerary

  • Intro to music synthesizers

  • Brief demo of ArduTouch kits in action

  • Basics of how ArduTouch music synthesizers work

  • Learn how to solder (with the ArduTouch kit as an example)

To do the hands-on portion of this workshop you will need:

  • ArduTouch music syntheesizer kit -- available at the workshop for 30 €

  • (NOT REQUIRED, but available: USB-Serial Cable for 6 €)


Day: 2021-09-04
Start time: 13:15
Duration: 03:00
Room: CYBER room (1.19)

Language: en


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